Does One-Size Actually Fit All? The Functional Movement System Approach to Create Individualized Mov

One of the principles of yoga practice that I hold dearly comes from the Viniyoga tradition, which suggests that yoga practice should be individualized and tailored to each person’s unique physical, emotional, social, mental, and spiritual conditions. As a yoga teacher, I see the demand for individualized practice quite often – depending on our history of injuries and surgeries and our goals for practice, we would each require different practices. Consider two people who walk into a yoga class both looking to alleviate back pain, but one person’s back pain is from a herniateddisc and the other person is from sitting too long from an international flight, the differences in their pain would mean they need different practices to meet their unique conditions. My commitment and interest in being to offer tailored practices to meet individual needs led me to pursue a master’s degree in clinical mental health counseling, but it also led to explore the Functional Movement System (FMS) approach to movement training. FMS begins with the functional movement screen to assess fundamental developmental movement patterns to then identify where we have movement compensation. Movement practice is then designed for the individual based off of the patterns that they excel at and the patterns where there are limitations. I find FMS to be a systematic approach to customize movement practice that helps people learn how to move well, and as a teacher/movement coach, the movements I offer people are more purposeful (downward facing dog doesn’t cure all, unfortunately). The foundation of efficient movement patterns empowers us to enjoy the activities we like, whether that’s yoga, running, playing sports, or living a pain-free life. If you're interested in trying the FMS movement screen, I'm offering a $25 spring special for the Functional Movement Screen. We'll assess 7-9 movement patterns and I'll also offer a couple of corrective exercises that you can integrate into your movement practice. To schedule your movement screen or to inquire for more details, contact me now!

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