Abundance & Release... are they really the opposite of each other?

If you live in the Pacific Northwest, especially Seattle, you may have felt the clear drop in temperature that came at the beginning of September. I heard many people around me talk about this change as a sign that summer is over. Being the stubborn optimist that I am sometimes, decided that no, it’s still summer, it’s just the not-87-degrees side of summer. Now that we are well into September, I can’t deny the presence of fall. The air is crisper, the leaves are changing color, my basil plant doesn’t want to grow anymore, and it’s getting harder to resist putting on my boots.

One fall day, after stocking up on too many strawberries from the farmers market, I found myself thinking about this strange transition between the seasons where I am simultaneously enjoying the abundance of summer and fall produce while witnessing the colorful fall leaves drop around me. Even though as humans, we are biased towards abundance, I started contemplating that perhaps in the eyes of Mother Nature, abundance and release are not all that different.

Without any resistance, struggle, or effort, leaves fall from the tree. Likewise, a fruit ripens on the vine without any strain or hesitation. It seems to me that both release and fruition are natural occurrences in nature; something that just is, something the tree or the plant just has to do. The complexity of human life and human emotion means that sometimes while learning to let go or blossom fully, we come across resistance and attachment; I think in some instances, it’s normal and perhaps healthy to want to resist change. The effortless way that nature changes every season could serve to remind us of our ability to practice non-attachment in our life when it comes to change. Even if total non-attachment seems out of reach, perhaps the way nature blossoms and releases with grace and ease could be a little encouragement and inspiration that we too, can soften the grip of resistance just a little bit, and let the Nature in us unfold.



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