How Do You Blossom?

The winter months are dark and wet here in the Pacific Northwest, which presents us a unique challenge of keeping ourselves warm and energized. During my first winter here, I realized that in order to not be dampened by the grey rainy months, I had to learn to “make my own fire” and essentially be my own sunshine. We all find different ways to generate warmth and keep our spirits bright throughout the winter, whether it be exercise, vacations, meaningful work and relationships, or just lots of really good coffee. However, winter can sometimes outlast our best attempts and leave us feeling frosty. But then the spring sun starts to peek out and the warmth slowly thaws out the rigidity that I have been gathering all winter and leaves me with a mixture of relief, awe and remembrance. I am relieved that I can take a break from being my own sunshine and be embraced by the warmth of the environment. I am awed by the abundant growth in the natural world that greets me every time I step outside. I am reminded that I, too, am a force of life just like the beautiful blossoms around me: full of potential, power and creativity, and now is the time for me to bloom. So the next time you pause to gaze at the beautiful cherry blossoms or magnolia tree, let yourself be filled by the vibrant energy of spring, and share with the world the creativity, grace and magic that makes you uniquely you.

In the book, The Four Desires, yoga teacher Rod Stryker talks about the Creation Equation, a formula he devised to explain the process of how one moves from desire towards fulfillment. Fulfillment or success occurs when the intensity of desire and the effort put into accomplishing this desire are greater than the resistance that obstruct the path to fulfillment. What do you need right now in order to blossom? Do you need to remove the obstacles that limit you, or do you need to put some effort into fulfilling your goals? Perhaps you need some inspiration to light the fire of desire and commitment?

With Love, Bayeshan

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