Very rarely is there one big event that will suddenly manifest all your dreams and wishes (much like the typical view on magic wands). Going to the gym that one time won’t make you strong, neither will spending 6 months in a yoga teacher training make you a successful yoga teacher, as I shortly discovered after graduating from my first teacher training. To become the knowledgeable and established yoga teacher I desired to be, I realized that I needed to start by teaching as much as I possibly could. When I wasn’t teaching, I read books on yoga and poured over notes from the countless workshops and trainings I took. I also learned that developing a consistent personal yoga practice and the business aspect to my teaching are both crucial to becoming a good yoga teacher. There were many times over these past five years where I wondered whether my constant efforts were manifesting my dream at all. In the moments of doubt, it's hard to remember that the process of attaining a goal requires me to transform my mind, body and habits, and transformation takes time. All my daily efforts and practices needed time to collect and settle into the core of my being, until they became indisputably a part of who I am. Only then, could I begin to see my dream slowly morph into reality. Isn’t that what magic is? “The power of apparently influencing the course of events by using mysterious or supernatural forces.” Patience and Practice may sound boring and difficult, but I’m beginning to think they just might be the mysterious forces of magic at work. With Love, Bayeshan

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