June 10, 2019


       As we transition from the erratic weather pattern of spring (20-weather change in a single day, anyone?) towards the consistent heat of the summer, I find myself looking forward to some relaxing play time while still trying to be extra productive. Driven by the abundance of energy and daylight during summertime, it's hard not to feel inspired and motivated to grow and produce as much as all the vegetables and fruit trees are doing in the gardens. I've now learned that I need to balance my productivity with rest and ease throughout the summer, or I will end up overworked, ove...

April 5, 2019


       One of the principles of yoga practice that I hold dearly comes from the Viniyoga tradition, which suggests that yoga practice should be individualized and tailored to each person’s unique physical, emotional, social, mental, and spiritual conditions. As a yoga teacher, I see the demand for individualized practice quite often – depending on our history of injuries and surgeries and our goals for practice, we would each require different practices. Consider two people who walk into a yoga class both looking to alleviate back pain, but one person’s back pain is from a herniate...

January 15, 2019

I find New Years Day rather endearing and inspiring; maybe it’s the conciseness of the date 01/01, or maybe it’s the communal sense of a fresh start rippling through the crisp wintery New Years Day. However, I have come to acknowledge for myself that the dates January 1st usually doesn’t align with my internal clock for change.

With the winter solstice occurring about a week before the New Year, I find myself still in full-on hibernating mode on January 1st; no part of my body or being finds this to be a natural start for new projects and change old habits. The wonderful thing about ‘fresh starts’...

September 18, 2018

If you live in the Pacific Northwest, especially Seattle, you may have felt the clear drop in temperature that came at the beginning of September. I heard many people around me talk about this change as a sign that summer is over. Being the stubborn optimist that I am sometimes, decided that no, it’s still summer, it’s just the not-87-degrees side of summer. Now that we are well into September, I can’t deny the presence of fall. The air is crisper, the leaves are changing color, my basil plant doesn’t want to grow anymore, and it’s getting harder to resist putting on my boots.

One fall day, after...

June 6, 2018


        To celebrate the end of my first semester in graduate school and the beginning of summer in the Pacific Northwest, I went camping with a few friends in Eastern Washington over memorial day weekend. Being a holiday weekend, the campground was packed with people and there were little privacy and seclusion in the campground, and I thought to myself “how am I going to relax and unwind with all this people/noise/music/electricity around me?” The majesty and serenity of the landscape proved to be larger than my concerns, and my senses were soon looking past the noises in the camp...

May 5, 2017

       A few years ago I attended a yoga workshop that inspired me to begin a consistent meditation practice. Not long after the workshop, the the wave of inspiration began to subside, and resistance and obstacles started showing up in my practice. There was the physical and emotional discomfort of being still, the never-ending distractions that come from the external world and of course, the mind’s tendency to wander. In the first year or so of meditation, I was often frustrated by the clutter of distraction in my mind and I couldn’t get anywhere near the tranquility I experienced during th...

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