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With deep integration of yoga philosophy in her teaching, Bayeshan approaches the physical aspect of practice as a springboard to increase self-awareness. Drawing on her background in dance, clinical mental health counseling, and Functional Movement Systems, Bayeshan utilizes breath-centric movements to build strength and mobility and increase understanding of the inner workings of one's body. Bayeshan's teachings enliven sensations of the body to encourage the exploration of the subtle connections between mind and body. 

Bayeshan uses practice to create a nourishing foundation that can empower the lives we live in the world.


Influences: Rod Stryker, Gary Kraftsow, Kathryn Bruni Young, Jenni Rawlings, Trina Altman, Rev. Angel Kyodo Willaims


Group yoga classes are wonderful entry points into the practices of yoga – there is direct contact with teachers during the learning process, and the communal aspect of group classes provide nourishment and motivation in a way that is truly special.


M o n d a y

4:30pm. Gentle at 8 Limbs Yoga Wedgwood

6:00pm. All Levels Flow at 8 Limbs Yoga Wedgwood

** until 8/5 **

u e s d a y

7:55 am. Yoga Basics at Ballard Health Club

4:00pm. Level 1 at 8 Limbs Yoga Phinney Ridge

** 6/25 - 9/3 **


W e d n e s d a y
6:15pm. Yoga for Vata Balancing at Eka Yoga 

** until 6/12 **


T h u r s d a y

4:30pm. Yoga for Vata Balancing at Eka Yoga 

** until 6/13 **


F r i d a y

4:00pm. All Levels at 8 Limbs Yoga Wedgwood

5:30pm. Gentle at 8 Limbs Yoga Wedgwood 

S u n d a y

3:15pm. Level 1 at 8 Limbs Yoga Phinney Ridge

4:45pm. All Levels at 8 Limbs Yoga Phinney Ridge

** until 6/30 **


Bayeshan Cooper is a rare and wonderful yoga teacher.  I have been practicing yoga for 20 years and have had many, many teachers over that time and Bayshan is among the best teachers I have had. She has a rare ability to invite her students to move from stillness and return to stillness. 
                                                                                                              - Mark G.                                                                                                                                                              

Bayeshan integrates the physical and the spiritual perfectly ... which for me is what yoga is all about.                                                       - Ashley B.


A core principle of yoga practice that I really love is the principle of adaptation, which to me means that the practice is adjusted to fit your body and your needs instead of making your body fit the practice. There is a limit to how much individualization can occur during a group class, and some of us end up inappropriately challenged by the practice or accumulate compensatory movement patterns that later become obstacles (overstretched hamstrings, anyone?)


In private yoga lessons, there is freedom to explore – explore yoga poses that bring you stillness and vitality, integrate different movement modalities to build strength that are often missing in ‘typical’ yoga practices, and truly mold the practice to fit YOU. Private lessons with Bayeshan typically include a check-in, movement practice, relaxation/meditation, and tools to build a personal daily practice.

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$25 introductory special for the Functional Movement Screen!

We'll assess 7-9 movement patterns and I'll also offer a couple of corrective exercises that you can integrate into your movement practice. To learn more click here, or contact me to schedule your movement screen!

 Yoga practice with Bayeshan does not demand strenuous effort yet the positive impression it leaves on you is spectacular and long lasting.... If you are looking for a super welcoming atmosphere with a focus on you and your personal needs, yoga class with Bayeshan is the best you can do for your body and mind.                                              - Torsten H.


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